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His clients include companies like Sanofi, Telekom, Hewlett Packard, Air France-KLM, Roche, OMG, Boston Consulting Group, Ericsson, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coca-Cola, American Express, General Motors, Vodafone and the European Aviation Safety Agency.


Peter was extremely useful in helping linking personal stories with key messages to pass. It was very important for us to pass the right messages in a very different way. Employees went out from the day full of energy and motivation and Peter's contribution was key for this great achievement. A collaboration to pursue in the future. Christophe Gourlet, CEO, Sanofi Hungary
On behalf of the entire Vodafone Hungary management team, I'd like to thank you for the high-quality and conscientious support you provided in preparation for our company event. Our employees can be grateful to you as well, without your contribution our speeches would have been cumbersome and boring. György Beck, CEO, Vodafone Hungary
It is very efficient to have a training with Peter. He listens a lot, gets a deep understanding of what is expected, and then acts. His "public speaking" training, can either be focused more on the speech construction (how to tell the story), or the physical behavior (gestures, voice etc), or the feelings (stress etc) He proposed very concrete exercise (breathing, voice) and I liked the overall methodology. In particular, I think Peter is very strong in all the psychological part (stress management etc). Olivier Hours, General Manager, Central and Eastern Europe, Air France-KLM
Peter’s approach, personal experience and interpersonal skills create an inspirational and constructive environment for learning and practicing relevant negotiation and presentation techniques which can be applied successfully in the everyday business life. I had a chance to participate in two trainings held by Peter in the past 6 months and I not just enjoyed them but also benefited a lot from both of them. Edina Szabó, Managing Director, OMD Hungary
With your help, a promising manager who was unable to present his outstanding achievements became a confident, goal-oriented leader. Thank you! László Szarka, Head of Division, MKB Bank
It was an enjoyavble training, made me think. It helped me a lot. László Ternyik, Managing Director, Clarity Consulting
At our assertive communication training, Peter and Balint didn't just help us become better consultants, but with their sense of humor and friendly attitude, they made the program really memorable as well. Gábor Gamplett, Managing Director, Helix Consulting
Péter put a lot of effort into the preparation of the training and besides his professional excellence it was an important ingredient in the success of the program. The role plays with the actor were very useful and entertaining at the same time. László Podhoranyi, Director of Customer Care, Vodafone Hungary
I participated in Péter's presentation skills training years ago and I use almost daily what I learned there. Besides techniques and tips, I got confidence and a sense of achievement there. The two-day program was perfectly tailored to our needs, helped us improve significantly and was enjoyable as well. Since then, I recommend him to everbody in that area. Judit Fekete, Regional HR Director, PepsiCo
Peter was my coach for my developing a strong and inviting presence when I gave a talk to an audience of 120 people.

Within a week after my talk several new clients contacted me (both individual and organizational). I also received many wonderful emails from the audience about my presentation. During our coaching process Peter provided a clear structure, used powerful questions, and had amazing insights. On top of all this, he used a lot of humor to help me be more grounded and spontaneous at the same time.

Peter is a world class coaching professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel more confident in themselves, and also wants to create a strong, yet inviting, presence in their work. Tunde Horvath, MA, MCC, OD Consultant, Executive and Team Coach, Coach Trainer
I had the opportunity to work with Peter when he provided executive coaching to our leadership team. What impressed me most was his ability to adapt his style to each of us and our development needs, resulting in positive feedback from everyone. He was able to provide us with very practical tips to adapt our behaviour - this is still in practice with me and my colleagues. I strongly recommend him in his capacity as a very effective executive coach! Audrey Lemmert, Business Service Centre Director, AB InBev
Peter is a real professional in communication and public speech. He played an extremely crucial role in preparing me for speeches on employee forum for 800 people and also how to get the message across and convince top management team of 10 at Vodafone.

He always seeks to understand the objective and motivation before, tailors his training/coaching to the individual situation to make as impactful as it can be. He gave me the best advice the evening before the all employee forum what helped to stay relaxed and deliver a great speech and was able to turn a good presentation into a great one, when had to present an important proposal for the management. I think he is the best in the country and really enjoy working with him. Balazs Uzoni, Head of Customer Value Management, Vodafone
Péter came up with creative methods to help us overcome our stage fright and increase our self-expression. Éva Harcsa, Marketing Director, Tchibo Budapest
Péter delivered an excellent 2 days presentation skills training for a group of 8 Managers. It was tailor made to the participant’s needs and made a significant positive impact on their presentation skills. His lively and interactive training style also made this a very enjoyable teambuilding event. I’d highly recommend him for this kind of training. Eva Miltenyi, Site Director, Sanofi
Peter knows something that others don't.
You don't only get step-by-step instructions from him about what to do when you make a presentation, you get much more. Peter gives you a totally different approach, and with that it is easy to stand out from the crowd, a new style of presentation appraised by many managers/colleagues/clients. Unlike the Hungarian practice (neverending and boring bullet points), I now prefer to use simpler, clearer slides (fewer words or not at all, more charts/cartoons…). My audition usually emphasizes that they managed to understand my main message, the gist out of it. Make no mistakes, a high level of professionalism is still behind my words, I just serve it in an easier way to digest. Andras Loke, Portfolio Manager, MKB Bank