Assertive Communication

Workshop about relating to people and resolving conflicts

  • Participants
    Middle to top managers
  • Duration
    2 days with 1-day optional follow-up sessions 3 months and 6 months later
  • Number of participants
    4-6 people
  1. How do I stand up for myself in stressful situations?

  2. How do I let someone know that I dislike their behavior?

  3. How do I solve a conflict in a way that doesn't hurt the relationship?

We all have certain behaviour patterns that determine how we relate to others. Some of us have a hard time saying no, therefore often feel taken advantage of. Others enter into conflict situations without a moment of hesitation, defend their arguments easily, but often hurt the other party in the process with their lack of empathy. Such interactions do not only affect the mood, but also have a negative impact on productivity at the workplace.

This workshop can help you find common ground and cooperate successfully with even "difficult" people, to make convincing arguments and to handle conflicts with confidence.


2-day interactive workshop with the participation of an actor who will make role-plays realistic by impersonating typical characters from the participants' lives. This immersion experience makes learning faster and more sustainable.

Most frequent topics in past workshops

How to behave confidently and represent our organization successfully when talking to a high-level visitor?
How to cooperate with someone within the organization who seems to only care about their interests?
How to motivate underperforming people?
How to deliver bad news to someone?
What to do when a leader was a part of the same group he/she has to manage in the future?

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In sync with my team


Peter’s approach, personal experience and interpersonal skills create an inspirational and constructive environment for learning and practicing relevant negotiation and presentation techniques which can be applied successfully in the everyday business life. I had a chance to participate in two trainings held by Peter in the past 6 months and I not just enjoyed them but also benefited a lot from both of them. Edina Szabó, Managing Director, OMD Hungary
At our assertive communication training, Peter and Balint didn't just help us become better consultants, but with their sense of humor and friendly attitude, they made the program really memorable as well. Gábor Gamplett, Managing Director, Helix Consulting
Péter put a lot of effort into the preparation of the training and besides his professional excellence it was an important ingredient in the success of the program. The role plays with the actor were very useful and entertaining at the same time. László Podhoranyi, Director of Customer Care, Vodafone Hungary