Leadership communication

  • Participants
    Middle to top managers
  • Duration
    90 min / session
    4-8 sessions
  • Number of participants
  • Optional topics
    Handling resistance
    Giving feedback
    Delivering bad news

Leaders often turn to me for help when they are preparing for a big event, like having to speak in front of the entire company. Too little attention is paid to those moments though when a leader has to communicate with authenticity and impact in everyday situations. Examples include having to give negative feedback, laying off someone or motivating an underperforming employee. A leader often has to make good decisions in a short time and communicate them properly. The evaluation of leaders depends a lot on how they handle these everyday situations.

My experience working with leaders over the years has proved that it is possible to prepare for the events mentioned above, and significant progress can be made within a short time. At the individual consulting sessions, we work through the concrete situations you bring. We talk about possible reactions, practice effective communication, and we can involve an actor to make these sessions as lifelike as possible. The aim is to prepare you for likely scenarios so thoroughly that when they occur in real life, you'll be able to handle them confidently.


I had the opportunity to work with Peter when he provided executive coaching to our leadership team. What impressed me most was his ability to adapt his style to each of us and our development needs, resulting in positive feedback from everyone. He was able to provide us with very practical tips to adapt our behaviour - this is still in practice with me and my colleagues. I strongly recommend him in his capacity as a very effective executive coach! Audrey Lemmert, Business Service Centre Director, AB InBev
With your help, a promising manager who was unable to present his outstanding achievements became a confident, goal-oriented leader. Thank you! László Szarka, Head of Division, MKB Bank