Public speaking

  • Participants
    Middle to top managers who often need to present at meetings, business reviews or in front of large audiences at conferences and corporate events.
  • Duration
    Individual coaching: 4 x 1.5 hours
    Group training: 2 days and 1-day optional follow-up session 3 months after
  • Number of participants:
    4-6 people
  1. How to be authentic and impactful in front of a large audience?

  2. Are PowerPoint slides really necessary for making an impact?

  3. How to handle stress and turn it into an advantage?

When standing in front of an audience, a lot of people feel unable to transfer their knowledge to the full extent. It feels like they are operating in a limited capacity mode. This phenomenon can prevent them from advancing in their careers.

After 19 years of experience in communication trainings, I am convinced that everybody has the capacity for impactful communication and this capacity can be surfaced and developed within a short time.

The program includes improvisational exercises that show what we can do when we communicate using our natural creative powers. We videotape participants to help identify development areas and highlight achievements, thereby shortening the road to confident public speaking. The goal is to enable you to communicate with authenticity, confidence and impact, taking into account the needs of the audience and the time limit.

Main topics:

  1. How to handle stress and turn it into an advantage?
  2. How to inspire people to act?
  3. How to set the right mood by a powerful start?
  4. How to keep up the audience's attention for the entire presentation?
  5. How to handle interruptions and difficult questions?
  6. How to get key messages across in a short time?
  7. What makes us authentic speakers?
  8. How to use non-verbal communication to increase impact?
  9. How to structure a speech based on the needs of the listeners?
  10. How to use visual aids effectively without overcrowding slides with information?

Besides working on developing individual skills, the entire team can prepare together for an upcoming high-stakes event. For more details, click here:



I participated in Péter's presentation skills training years ago and I use almost daily what I learned there. Besides techniques and tips, I got confidence and a sense of achievement there. The two-day program was perfectly tailored to our needs, helped us improve significantly and was enjoyable as well. Since then, I recommend him to everybody in that area. Judit Fekete, Regional HR Director, PepsiCo
Peter was my coach for my developing a strong and inviting presence when I gave a talk to an audience of 120 people.

Within a week after my talk several new clients contacted me (both individual and organizational). I also received many wonderful emails from the audience about my presentation. During our coaching process Peter provided a clear structure, used powerful questions, and had amazing insights. On top of all this, he used a lot of humor to help me be more grounded and spontaneous at the same time.

Peter is a world class coaching professional. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel more confident in themselves, and also wants to create a strong, yet inviting, presence in their work. Tunde Horvath, MA, MCC, OD Consultant, Executive and Team Coach, Coach Trainer
Peter is a real professional in communication and public speech. He played an extremely crucial role in preparing me for speeches on employee forum for 800 people and also how to get the message across and convince top management team of 10 at Vodafone.

He always seeks to understand the objective and motivation before, tailors his training/coaching to the individual situation to make as impactful as it can be. He gave me the best advice the evening before the all employee forum what helped to stay relaxed and deliver a great speech and was able to turn a good presentation into a great one, when had to present an important proposal for the manegement. I think he is the best in the country and really enjoy working with him. Balazs Uzoni, Head of Customer Value Management, Vodafone