Management presents

  • Participants
    Management teams
    (including start-ups)
  • Duration
    3-4 days
  1. Are you preparing for a business review where your team will present last year's achievements and the budget proposal for next year?

  2. Are you going to talk to employees about changes and plans?

  3. Will your team stand in front of partners, investors or the press to introduce a new product?

I can help the team present with confidence and impact. Besides developing individual skills, we also work on group dynamics to achieve a top-notch performance by the team.

The program consists of four segments:

1. Creation of the content

First, I help the team come up with the key messages that they want to present, including a common theme which will turn individual speeches into a cohesive story. Then, we finalize the key messages for each department, and everybody will know exactly how their speeches will be structured.

2. Workshop on impactful communication

With the whole group, we work on enabling speakers to let their personalities come across more in their communication. We do improvisational exercises aimed at developing non-verbal communication and storytelling skills. Participants learn how to handle stress and turn it into an advantage while speaking at a high-stakes event.

3. Individual practice

Participants get individual help in the what to say and also in the how to say part of their presentation. The speeches are videotaped and everybody gets feedback so that they perform at their best on the big day.

4. Dress rehearsal (optional)

We rehearse the entire event preferably at the actual venue. Final touches are made, and I help the team get into the ideal mental and physical state.

The duration of the program varies based on the client's needs. Usually, creation of the content and the workshop on impactful communication takes two days. Then, participants have a couple of days to put together their presentations based on the input they received. Individual sessions of 1-2 hours are typically scheduled around a week before the event.


Peter was extremely useful in helping linking personal stories with key messages to pass. It was very important for us to pass the right messages in a very different way. Employees went out from the day full of energy and motivation and Peter's contribution was key for this great achievement. A collaboration to pursue in the future. Christophe Gourlet, CEO, Sanofi Hungary
On behalf of the entire Vodafone Hungary management team, I'd like to thank you for the high-quality and conscientious support you provided in preparation for our company event. Our employees can be grateful to you as well, without your contribution our speeches would have been cumbersome and boring. György Beck, CEO, Vodafone Hungary
It is very efficient to have a training with Peter. He listens a lot, gets a deep understanding of what is expected, and then acts. His "public speaking" training, can either be focused more on the speech construction (how to tell the story), or the physical behavior (gestures, voice etc), or the feelings (stress etc) He proposed very concrete exercise (breathing, voice) and I liked the overall methodology. In particular, I think Peter is very strong in all the psychological part (stress management etc) Olivier Hours, General Manager, Central and Eastern Europe, Air France-KLM
Péter delivered an excellent 2 days presentation skills training for a group of 8 Managers. It was tailor made to the participant’s needs and made a significant positive impact on their presentation skills. His lively and interactive training style also made this a very enjoyable teambuilding event. I’d highly recommend him for this kind of training. Eva Miltenyi, Site Director, Sanofi