In sync with my team

Workshop about high-level team cooperation

  • Participants
    Teams from middle to top management, max 15 people
  • Duration
    2-3 days with optional 1-day follow-up sessions three months and six months later
  • Number of participants
    Max 15 people
  1. Everybody is doing a good job, but people are still not functioning as a team?

  2. Are there open or hidden conflicts between team members which prevent your team from heading into the same direction?

  3. Do members seem to neglect team objectives in favour of individual goals?

I often work with teams that are made up of individuals with exceptional skills, still they don't work together as a team. A common symptom is that there are no passionate arguments at meetings even when important decisions are at stake. On the surface, it seems like there is harmony. But decisions made at meetings often don't reach lower levels. It seems like the managers didn't pass them on properly to their direct reports. What's the reason for this?

In my experience, significant progress can be made even within a short time by improving communication within the team. It is vital that team members are able to voice their opinion even when it's unpopular and find ways to handle conflicts quickly with each other.

The goal of the workshop is to give a boost to communication within the team, enable participants to settle arguments swiftly, thus work more effectively together in order to reach common goals.


Interactive workshop with the participation of an actor who will make role-plays realistic by impersonating typical characters from the participants' lives. This immersion experience makes learning faster and more sustainable.